FMD and VareWeb - updated information

We have previously announced that from February 2019 you must enter FMD yes/no when you register new medicines with MA (see the news FMD and VareWeb). This change is postponed.

The reason for this is that there are still many medicine suppliers who have not yet registered their medicines in the European database, or that they have not started printing 2D Data Matrix on the packages. To reduce the risk of unnecessary problems in the pharmacies and to avoid the risk of medicine shortages, the pharmaceutical sector, in consultation with the Norwegian Medicines Agency, has decided that there will be a gradual phasing-in of which medicines to be controlled. It is only the medicines that are marked with FMD yes in VareWeb that will be checked. Farmalogg handles this marking in collaboration with Nomvec.

We will notify you when it becomes relevant for you to enter FMD yes/no when registering new medicines with MA in VareWeb.

Published: 04.02.2019
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