FMD and VareWeb

We have received some inquiries about product codes and FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) and what consequences it has for you in relation to VareWeb.

Product codes
In order for a pharmacy to scan 2D code in connection with FMD, it is critical that you register the new product code at Farmalogg. Even though you have entered the product code in the EU hub, it will not affect pharmacies.

You must register the product code in VareWeb before the package with the new product code is delivered to the wholesalers/pharmacies, and you must attach a mock up to document the product code. For further description of the procedures and documentation requirement, see FAQ on Registering a new product code/barcode;

Marking of product FMD, yes/no, in VareWeb
All medicines with Marketing Authorisation (MA) must be marked with FMD yes/ no in VareWeb, according to the directive. From February 2019, VareWeb will contain a new field in the registration of new products so that you must enter FMD yes/no when you submit new medicines with MA. Farmalogg introduces the FMD field yes/no internally from 15.11.2018 as some pharmacies will pilot the new FMD functionality.

Published: 30.10.2018
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