Price list 2023

The price list effective from 1.1.2023 is published. 

Changes in the price list
For the registration of new articles, the prices will be changed due to an annual general index regulation for all article groups.

For the annual license fee, the prices will be changed due to an annual general index regulation for all product groups except commodities. The license fee for commodities will be increased from NOK 135 to NOK 150 excl. VAT per article number.

The background for this is that if a commodity is to change its product code/barcode due to minor changes (e.g. changes to packaging design), there is no longer a need to assign a new article number. In agreement with the industry, functionality has been developed so that multiple product codes can be linked to one article number. This is a great advantage for you as suppliers, who avoid changing article numbers and registration costs when articles are registered with new product codes. There is therefore less need for the allocation of new article numbers, which entails a significant loss of income for Farmalogg. At the same time, we see that the time we spend on article number allocations and maintenance of article information is roughly the same as before. The annual license fee must cover the maintenance of product information, including product codes, and we see that quality assurance and approval of product codes takes a lot of time. This particularly applies to requests for documentation for newly registered product codes and related follow-up, as well as clarifications relating to guidelines for the use of product codes.

Published: 01.10.2022
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